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Nanodcal Nanodsim RESCU


[Most recent version: RESCU 2.0.0]

Free license for RESCU (serial version)

A license for the serial version of RESCU is available free of charge. The license is valid for 3 months and may only be used for academic purposes.

Download is available to registered users. Please sign up and login to your NanoAcademic account, then click the download icon below.

No. File File size Description Update date Download
1 rescu.tar.gz 4.77 M RESCU tarball 2017-09-22
2 TM_PBE_Delta.tar.gz 45.79 M Pseudopotential database 2017-01-08
3 RescuInput.jar 462 K Program to prepare RESCU input files 2017-05-04
4 7 K

This script can install the following software tools: Lua, Lmod, Easybuild, GNU compilers, OpenMPI, BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, LibXC and any required dependencies. 

tar -zxf installer.tar.gz
export GCC_VERSION=4.7.4
bash install-all rc-88 <directory>
source <directory>
module load <modulename>



Detailed installation instructions are found in the doc directory in the RESCU tarball. You will need to click the following link to activate your license.

Click here to activate your free RESCU license