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Nanodcal Nanodsim RESCU

Example systems of nanodcal (ver 1.0)

  • Molecular transport junctions: two-probe transport analysis of single and molecular films.
  • Semiconductor device modeling: channel transmission, leakage currents etc.
  • Magnetic tunnel junctions: things like Fe/MgO/Fe, Ni/molecule/Ni, etc.
  • Spin injection: spin polarized transport through interfaces between ferromagnetic and non-magnetic materials.
  • Transport in carbon nanostructures: nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene, etc.
  • Transport in thin films: transport in z, periodic in x, finite width in y.
  • Nanowires: transport properties of semiconducting and metallic nanowires.
  • Metal contacts: transmission analysis of metal-metal contacts and interfaces.
  • Transport analysis of molecular nanostructures on surfaces.
  • Bandstructure calculations for periodic systems.
  • Eigenstates and eigenvalues for finite systems.
  • Define your own problems: using NEGF, H, S and other outputs from NADCAL for new formula and problems.