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A state-of-the-art quantum transport simulator.
A first-class quantum transport simulator.
A powerful material physics simulator.
Our most powerful solution for first-principles materials simulation.
Allows finite element modeling for computer-aided design of quantum-technology hardware.
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We are pleased to announce our partnership with 4AM Software Pty Ltd as our exclusive distributor for the ANZ region.

Please find here the full announcement and details about it:

Full PDF version of the partnership announcement here (English version).




We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a distribution agreement with company 4AM Software Pty Ltd. Effective from March 1st, 2022, 4AM Software Pty Ltd. is appointed as Nanoacademic Technologies Inc’s exclusive distributor for the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) to address these territories by promoting and selling our atomistic and quantum modeling software to a select and value-added market made of public and private organization researchers mostly involved in materials science and advanced technology R&D projects, including quantum technologies.

We are very confident that our partnership with 4AM Software Pty Ltd. will provide our users with an outstanding support and exceptional customer services based on a 2-decade long experience and deep market knowledge. Achieving the highest customer satisfaction and actively developing the long-term use of our products in this promising ANZ market is our main goal.

About 4AM Software Pty Ltd.:

4am Software represents some of the world’s leading organizations to provide state-of-the-art products, solutions and services in the ANZ region. Our core product line is analytics, and each product line forms a synergy with the other. Partnerships with global organizations we have been successful in bringing some of the world leading products and solutions to Australia and NZ and the Asia Pacific region. These products and solutions are based on the most recent technology, developed around the latest operating platforms and software licenses.

About Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.:

Nanoacademic is a Montreal-based, innovative company who builds atomistic and quantum simulation tools to predict the properties of next generation materials and devices. Our software is being used by researchers in public and private institutions around the world to obtain the best modeling data and reduce R&D costs for a broad range of applications. We provide tools for innovation.

More information about Nanoacademic Technologies Inc. can be found on: https://www.nanoacademic.local

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