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NanoDCAL+ and RESCU+ new build installation system | v2024.4.0

June 13th, 2024

A major improvement in the installation workflow of our atomistic software RESCU+ and NanoDCAL+

Here is what is new in the version 2024.4.0


Hello to our atomistic community of researchers and engineers!

We are excited to release not only an updated version of the RESCU+ and NanoDCAL+ build system but a completely new one: this is part of version 2024.4.0 available for download on our User portal

As described on our Documentation portal for each software RESCU+ and NanoDCAL+, the installation process has been significantly enhanced to simplify the setup by our users and make sure that all dependencies and configurations are automatically handled.

We knew this process was an uneasy path for non-expert users but now, it has become very convenient to install and execute our atomistic software, feel free to test and see the difference.

Please check the release notes for more details:



Check our for more information about our advanced material simulation codes of very large atomic systems (brochures, also available in French through our website):




Note: these 2 pieces of software only support Linux based systems for now.

Please let us know any questions or comments, we are looking forward to seeing you try and use this life confort improvement feature.

More to come soon with another major user experience improvement to be released later this year.


Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.’s atomistic team.


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More to come soon!