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A state-of-the-art quantum transport simulator.
A first-class quantum transport simulator.
A powerful material physics simulator.
Our most powerful solution for first-principles materials simulation.
Allows finite element modeling for computer-aided design of quantum-technology hardware.
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QTCAD Academic license version release date is announced!

September 28th, 2023

QTCAD main beta phase is over - Commercial release is due soon

Our spin-qubit modeling tool QTCAD is about to release for our quantum academic partners and community researchers.


It will be on May 17, save the date!


Please check out herein on the website for more information about QTCAD in Solutions and our recent paper showcasing QTCAD in some interesting experiment results comparison here: Solid-State Electronics Journal Paper link.

Quantum-Technology Computer-Aided Design (QTCAD) is a finite-element method (FEM) simulator used to predict the performance of solid-state spin-qubit devices at sub-K temperatures before their production. This unique tool is a significant cost-saver enabling exploration of many design scenarios.

QTCAD calculates the envelope functions and energy levels of electrons or holes confined in nanostructures within k.p theory by solving the Schrödinger and non-linear Poisson equations self-consistently. QTCAD enables prediction of exclusive qubit performance metrics such as electron or hole confinement, Coulomb blockade and gate fidelity, among many others.

Again, thank you to our partners in Japan, Canada, France, Finland and other fellow technical and financial partners for the support and enabling the birth of a tool which will hopefully mark history considering its unique features, its unique positioning at the same time in the quantum and TCAD industries and a first enabler for quantum devices and systems engineers to design the quantum hardware of tomorrow.

Other unique functionalities are included into QTCAD and more are in the works.

We especially offer an adaptive meshing tool which allows to save days of work to the user in the preparation of his modeling on the layout. Your time is precious and quantum revolution is coming fast!

See you soon.

The QTCAD development team.