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A state-of-the-art quantum transport simulator.
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Allows finite element modeling for computer-aided design of quantum-technology hardware.
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QTCAD has launched!

December 6th, 2022

QTCAD marks history as the first Quantum TCAD tool to be commercialized:

Today is a special day for Nanoacademic, as this is the launch for the world academic community of our newest software: QTCAD.

What is QTCAD?

Quantum-Technology Computer-Aided Design (QTCAD) is a finite-element method (FEM) simulator used to predict the performance of solid-state spin-qubit devices at sub-K temperatures before their production. This unique tool is a significant cost-saver enabling exploration of many design scenarios. A real evolution or better said disruption (there is no competitors) with a unique way to develop you quantum hardware thanks to powerful and optimized features: converging at very low temperatures (cryogenic temperatures under 1K) or enjoying the benefits of adaptive meshing of your device are quite appealing, aren’t they?

QTCAD calculates the envelope functions and energy levels of electrons or holes confined in nanostructures within k.p theory by solving the Schrödinger, non-linear Poisson equations, and many-body solvers. QTCAD enables prediction of key qubit performance metrics such as electron or hole confinement, Coulomb blockade and gate fidelity, among many others.

Here is a full list of current QTCAD features at the release time:

More information about QTCAD on its product page here: QTCAD page in English

As mentioned previously, we keep actively developing QTCAD with our partners and many more cool features are in the works. We will expand over with new technological approaches and the range of features in the future.

A quick read is available here on our Documentation website, where all the relevant QTCAD information is gathered: and to get started smoothly and general overview of the tool:

Please check out our release communication Partner The Quantum Insider for additional information about QTCAD and the growing and nice Entangle Community to discuss about quantum technologies in general.

We are looking forward to discussing with you soon, starting with upcoming in-person meetings: next week in Bromont, QC during the INTRIQ Spring conference, then in Germany end of May/beginning of June during the international Partnership development activities (PDA) and later on in July, in Annecy on the shores of the lake in the marvelous French Alps region during the LN2 10-year anniversary symposium.

The Professional version of QTCAD is almost ready and will be launched in a few months.


As Dr. Félix Beaudoin, Director of Quantum Technology at Nanoacademic and QTCAD software development team leader recently mentioned during a Quantum Conference:

“Akin to TCAD software in the semiconductor industry, QTCAD will lead to tighter sample design that will reduce trial and error and thus shorten prototype turnover, accelerating technological transfer from theoretical ideas into practical devices. Ultimately, we believe that QTCAD will help academic and industrial R&D groups in the entire world to achieve the full potential of the spin-qubit technology, whose nanoscale footprint and compatibility with standard semiconductor manufacturing processes allows in principle to fit millions of qubits on a single chip, if not more.”

A QTCAD Presentation video in under 5 minutes:

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