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A state-of-the-art quantum transport simulator.
A first-class quantum transport simulator.
A powerful material physics simulator.
Our most powerful solution for first-principles materials simulation.
Allows finite element modeling for computer-aided design of quantum-technology hardware.
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SiQEW 2022: Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop 2022 in Orford, QC. We will exhibit and showcase QTCAD at this event!

March 22nd, 2023

SiQEW 2022 - The best researchers of the spin qubit community in Silicon are reunited from October 2 to 5 in Orford, QC, Canada.

Nanoacademic is very pleased to attend and sponsor this event.

We will exhibit on the Monday among the top companies in this fast-developing technology, this will be the opportunity to discuss and question us about our quantum modeling software QTCAD.

Also, we will hold a talk on Tuesday at 11am. Speaker will be Dr. Félix Beaudoin, Director of Quantum Technology, about “Robust technology computer-aided design of gated quantum dots at cryogenic temperature“, showcasing QTCAD, especially how it converges at very low tempeatures and how one can model and predict qudot properties in semiconductors.

More information about QTCAD is available here: and the documentation can be found on our Portal here: